Actual play of Passage with Ruby - Turns 1-6

Turn 1: (6, 4, 10) Light, Air, Portals

The entry hall was bright and spacious, a stark difference from the cramped tunnels she had recently been confined to. All along the walls were doors and passageways twisting out with more. Some reached as high as the ceiling. Others squat enough that she wasn't certain she could fit. Many were made of wood, splintered or smooth, ramshackle or ornate. Others were made of more esoteric material: jade and onyx, chrysophrase or mother of pearl.

Ruby thumbed through the key ring and found a key she thought might fight.

Turn 2: (3, 19, 5) Water, Weakness, Shadow

The door was inlaid with paneling that rippled. It was cold under her hand. The key was of black iron, to match the ebony its partner was made of. When the door opened, darkness poured out, threatening to extinguish the room. Pushing weakening limbs to the extent she could, Ruby slowly closed the door and sat, breathless. Her hand, where she had thrust it in, was a dead grey, although it still moved and lived.

Turn 3 (5, 3, 2) Shadow, Water, Fire

Leery after what she had just encountered, she gave the next closest door a wide berth. It was of ebony with the wave patterns, as well, and rubies glared darkly at her from their settings.

Ruby wandered down the hall to see if another area would be more benign. Her hands skmmed over the doors as she passed.

Turn 4 (1, 16, 10) Earth, Decay, Portals

One caught her interest as she passed, quite literally by fixing a splinter in her finger. It was rough and dusty, despite the immaculate cleanliness of the house so far. After spitting out the splinter, she opened it just enough to peek through, ready to slam it shut if needed. On the other side was a cave; it could have been embedded in a mountainside waiting forits bear master to return. It smelled musty and rotten, mushrooms and carcasses.

Ruby closed the door with no desire to explore the cave.

Turn 5 (16, 15, 13) Decay, Growth, Motion

A flash of light caught Ruby next. Its source was a prism, twisting freely within a pane of glass. Again, taking care, Ruby found another cave, but while this had the same dank as the last, shafts of light streamed through a crack in its ceiling. Flowers, vines, even a tiny sapling flourished in the damp brilliance. Insects hummed and thrilled, making the dust motes almost sway from side to side where they were captured by the light.

While rather more pleasant, Ruby had had more than enough of caves lately and picked a new hall to pass through.

Turn 6 (10, 10, 14) Portals x2, Stillness. Balance -1.

Nervous and overwhelmed. Faint from the shadow door, exhausted, her belly suddenly gnawing at her, Ruby wondered what she was doing here. After walking from the sun to the moon, then deep within the bowels of the earth, had she come so close to finding her siblings only to let the promise of pleasures distract her. She clenched her knees in her arms and stared at the swarming doors. In time, she sobbed.

Finally emptied of tears, she wiped her face with a grubby sleeve and went along her way.