Vibrant Isle AP, Week 1

====== Week1 ======

Week 1, Day 1, Action 1. Explore (29)

I made it to the Vibrant Isle! Sure my ship got wrecked, but I'm here. I made a camp yesterday and I suppose I ought to try to improve it, but I want to learn more about everything that's here. So excited! I set off in a random direction.

Perhaps I should have thought about what I was doing first... I came across some nasty jagged cliffs. I couldn't see anything and the shadows were so deep. Fortunately, I crawled around and came out safe, albeit with ripped and torn clothing. I don't think I want to go back there ever again.

Week 1, Day 1, Action 2. Explore (99)

Undaunted, I set out again in the afternoon! I caught sight of some kind of creature far away. I wasn't able to tell much about it, but it was tall! Maybe even 7 feet. Maybe some kind of beast?

Week 1, Day 2, Action 1. Explore (94) Time to go exploring! Let's see what I find.

Oh geeze, I found some creepy gemstones holding people and animals hostage! I tried to help one escape, looking for something sturdy enough to break one without hurting me. But I didn't manage. I found a strong enough stick, but maybe it was too strong. The crystal shattered and I feel a bit funny now. At least I didn't get hurt. I saw something strange following me to the campsite, maybe like a creature covered in shards of crystal. I hope I didn't cause any problems.

Week 1, Day 2, Action 2. Explore ( 20 ) This evening I saw a deep dark clearing. It was full of plants like I'd never seen before, arranged all in rows like someone had been planting them. But one row was torn up by some beast. I tried to replant them, and managed. Everything looks so much tidier now. I moved on feeling happy with myself and what I'd done.

Week 1, Day 3, Action 1. Explore ( 11 ) Again, I saw one of those huge beasts far off. I managed to get a bit closer this time and notice some more about it. It has strangly spindly limbs despite its heft and it moved expressively, shaping the air as though it was telling a story even though it was the only one that I could see.

Week 1, Day 3, Action 2. Explore (89) I saw a cliff streaming water, it glowed with a gentle and iridescent light. I tried to get up to drink from it and succeeded, even though it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I've never been particularly strong and climbing up that cliff face tested everything I had. I've never tasted anything with that bitter sweetness before. I could sense the water filling me, even though I only took a bare sip.

Week 1, Day 4, Action 1. Explore ( 41) I've grown used to deep, claustrophobic places: High peaks, suffocating jungles. This was different. A field of grass bigger than I thought an island this small could support. For some reason, it was full dark when I made it to the field. I wasn't sure just how long I'd been walking or what time it was. But the grass irritated me! Ouch ouch ouch. But I did think of a way of fashioning the reeds into a snorkel. I think these may help me out if I really need. Although I'll probably have to be desperate if I can't think of a way of managing the itch.

Week 1, Day 4, Action 2. Explore (74/78) It took some time but I managed to find my way out of that field. The sun burst into full brilliance eventually and I realized that it was midday, not evening like I'd thought. Such a weird field. I found a smooth, shaded cave, which was a pleasant respite. And there was a door there. I could hear some sounds coming from the other side. I tried to get the door off. It took some thinking, because the cave was bare and I'm not the strongest, but I managed to weaken the hingest enough that the door fell in. I narrowly dodged it.

There was loud music, louder than I'd ever heard before, with a rollicking beat! There were all sorts of creatures playing music and dancing. My attention is struck by the brilliant winged creatures fly-dancing in the air, but that doesn't last long until I'm pulled into the dance. I dance until I'm exhausted. This is the kind of thing I was hoping to find here. I can't imagine anything like this back at home. I'm all sweaty when I get home and I'm glad I found a small clear pond to dunk myself in at the end of the day.

Week 1, Day 5, Action 1. Explore (83) There's a tree near my camp with sweet, bready fruit that I like to breakfast upon. This morning there was a strange guy, I thought I recognized him from the dance party yesterday, but he showed no sign of recognizing me. He challenged me to tell him a joke he'd never heard before. Well I love me a good joke, and the first one I thought of had him rollicking with laughter. He thanked me with tears running down his face. We shared jokes for the rest of the morning and before he left, he gave me a clever little flute that looked to be carved out of bone, thanking me for the good times.

Week 1, Day 5, Action 2. Explore (53) I explored the island with a spring in my step, tootling an idle tune on my new flute. I heard shouting from a variety of throats: human and inhuman. Then I realized the tones of joy, not pain or anger. After that came singing. It was another party, although without the winged flyers this time. These people love their celebrations. I gladly joined their revels, adding my new flute to the harmony of instruments. I even got to play a solo and barely stumbled over my fingers.

Week 1, Day 6, Action 1. Explore (51) I found a peaceful stream this morning. The sound of the water lapping reminded me of my childhood explorations. I'm so glad that I made my way to the Vibrant Isles. I hope I can spend the remainder of my life here. Thinking about everything I've done and seen, I fell asleep on a large flat rock, warmed by a gentle sun. I woke refreshed, like I could do anything.

Week 1, Day 6, Action 2. Explore (85) I usually haven't found many dwellings, but I found a shack today. Although it was small, it was well tended with a cozy roof and intricate tiling. I spent some time just staring at the mosaics, with depictions of all the varying types of inhabitants here. There was a massive claw foot bathtub inside. I stared at its incongruity. I also didn't usually see anything quite so worked. It was surrounded by taps, which emitted water with different soaps and scents and bubbles and colors. I filled it to the top and spent the evening cleaning myself, scrubbing myself of all that had gone wrong. It took some extra work. I emptied and filled it twice. But at the end, I think I sensed the crystal-sharded creature grow tired of me and leaving. Thank goodness it had never caused me any trouble.

Week 1, Day 7, Action 1. Explore (22) I fell down a hill, dammit. The dense moss was wet with dew and last night's rain. My feet just slid right out from under me. I thought I saw something glinting, but I was just a bit too discombulated to grab it. On the way down, a ghostly voice whispered to me. I missed most of it, but when I finally landed (right on my tailbone ouch!) my heart felt strangely heavier.

Week 1, Day 7, Action 2. Explore (58) Rubbing my rear-end, I noticed I was right beside a path beside some large rocks. Ever curious, I followed it. There were beautiful fungi of all shapes and colors, that glinted dully. But the light wasn't enough to see the ground by, and the weird shadows tricked the eye. It took hours to reach the end, but I thought that I read stories and saw images in the ghostly fungi that surrounded me, which propelled me along. I felt just at the brink of enlightenment, but did not quite manage to reach it. I will never grow tired of the wonders of this island.